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As an English-language personal media outlet in Azerbaijan, News.Az Online News Agency aims to lift awareness of the world community about Azerbaijan, its domestic and overseas policy, financial system, tradition and traditions, as properly as about its folks. News.Az publishes analytical supplies, articles and commentaries masking nearly all spheres, including politics, financial system, society, sports, culture, and so forth. Each side within the bloody Nagorno-Karabakh battle accuses the opposite of war crimes. Such allegations attract foreign consideration and possibly intervention, however not often lead to a peaceful resolution. Some 6,000 individuals were killed in six weeks of preventing that resulted in a Moscow-brokered cease-fire deal.

They stated that they acquired three meals a day, although the portions have been small and the meals was poor quality, and that medical workers examined their wounds and provided primary son xeberler treatment. However, between interrogations, they had been all overwhelmed with fists, booted feet, and clubs. Hovhanness, 45, captured on October 19, spent three days in that facility, alone in a room on the primary ground. He stated that several times a day, five to 10 soldiers would come into the room to beat him with their fists, booted toes, golf equipment, and a steel rod. On multiple occasions late at night time, his captors additionally compelled him to carry out workouts for two hours and beat him for his supposedly poor performance. On other occasions, they forced him face down on the ground, ordered him to lie nonetheless for two hours, left, after which returned and beat him for altering his place.

Tigran, who was wounded, weak, and disoriented, does not recall the details of being poked however after he was transferred to a detention facility, he saw two puncture wounds on his body, apparently from the rod. Tigran, 20, was captured in Hardut district on October 20 with eight different Armenian soldiers, by a large group of Azerbaijani forces. A video, widely circulated on social media, confirmed Azerbaijani forces kicking, stepping on, and dragging the Armenian soldiers. International humanitarian legislation, or the regulation of armed conflict, requires parties to an international armed conflict to deal with POWs humanely in all circumstances. The accounts of torture and ill-treatment raise concerns that Armenian POWs nonetheless in Azerbaijani custody are at risk of additional abuse, Human Rights Watch mentioned.

Move by Moscow comes after Armenia accused Azerbaijan of sending troops across the border last week. Immediately following the war final fall, Russia quickly emerged as the main broker between Armenia and Azerbaijan, sending 2,000 peacekeepers to the region and co-chairing an important commission on restoring transportation between the two sides. After greater than 20 years of tenuous ceasefire, Nagorno-Karabakh is once once more the centre of a violent conflict.

In six weeks of preventing last September to November, Azeri troops drove ethnic Armenian forces out of swaths of territory that they had managed because the Nineties in and around the Nagorno-Karabakh region, earlier than Russia brokered a cease-fire. Armenia said on Wednesday that three of its troopers had been killed in an trade of gunfire with Azerbaijan. The Interfax information company later reported that both sides had later accepted a Russian cease-fire proposal to try to calm tensions.

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